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When getting around Tehran, nothing beats the city’s clean and chill metro system. It’s easy to use, costs almost nothing and saves you from the horrid traffic. One way tickets are 1000 Tomans (almost 25 cents). Your other option would be a metro card that can be topped up to any price you wish. The same card can also be used for buses and even recently for official taxis outside metro stations.


City buses cover a great part of the city. Keep in mind that in these buses women sit in the back and men in the front. Women can pay when getting off by going to the drivers’ section. Normal buses come in many colors such as blue, yellow, pink or white. BRT buses BRT buses in Iran, especially in big cities, are express buses with their own special route. They are red, don’t get stuck in traffic and go through the main avenues of the city. The most practical route is the one connecting the railway station to Tajrish square. It goes through Tehran’s longest street “Vali-e Asr” and makes stops in some of the city’s main squares. Payment is normally done at the entrance of the station by metro card. If not, you’re required to pay the driver in person. In these buses women are seated in the front and men in the back.

Getting a Taxi

To get a taxi in Iran you can either go to the closest taxi station or just stand in the street and hail for one. You just need to look interested and you’ll have cars stopping at your feet without blinking an eye. But the tricky part is to know what kind of Taxi to look for. Darbast: Darbast means ‘closed door’. In the Persian transportation dictionary, it means hiring a private taxi. You could be standing anywhere in the city and getting a Darbast. To hire a Darbast just stand along the street and wait for an empty taxi to stop. Then tell him Darbast and if he’s interested let him know of your destination. Make sure you negotiate a price before getting in. Shared/Shuttle taxi: Shared taxi is a common way of getting around in Iran. Many actually prefer it to buses. They have their own designated routes. So you’re supposed to get on if only you’re intended destination is within their route. They have fixed prices which is usually written on a sticker on their front window and they carry up to 4 people.

Online Taxi

After the successful presence of systems such as UBER in the world, similar samples in Iran, such as Snapp and Tap30, began to emerge, with Internet and mobilization of most people to smartphones, many people applied for the apps in order to commute inside the city. Snapp, Tap30 and Carpino are most famous online taxi service providers in Iran. To request a taxi through these Apps, travelers are requested to specify the route, travel options, service type, and after viewing the travel cost, this app will automatically connect passengers with the nearest driver and sends the passenger’s position to the driver. The driver would confirms it if he wishes. Passengers can also locate their driver’s position and you can pay both cash and non-cash. Average cost of these online taxies depending on distance is 2 to 12 US$ (8,000-50,000 Tomans - from city center to other destinations in Tehran).