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BUSHEHR Province Nayband National Marine Park Jashak Salt Dome

BUSHEHR Province

Bushehr Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is located in the south of the country, with a long coastline onto the Persian Gulf. Its center is Bandar-e Bushehr, the provincial capital.

Nayband National Marine Park

Nayband National Marine Park as one of the national parks in the south of Iran with an area of more than 42 thousand hectares in Bushehr Province was recorded as the first national marine park in 2013 by Supreme Council of Environment Protection. Nayband National Marine Park is comprised of rare plant and animal species and various hollow, sandy, coral and forest beaches.

Jashak Salt Dome

Dashti or Jashak Salt Dome or Salt Mountain is a vast and high region in the north west of Jashak Mountain on the Sothem end of Zagros Mountains between Deyr and Dashti county in Bushehr province. The most important feature of Jashak Salt Mountain is the type of salt on these salt mountains, domes, unique caves, waterfalls, crystals, etc.