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Ilam Tang Kafari Valli Castle Raziyaneh Valley Arqavan Canyon Darband Valley


Ilam Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is located in the western part of the country, sharing 425 kilometers of border with Iraq, and also bordering on the provinces of Kermanshah, Lurestan, and Khuzestan. The provincial capital is the city of Ilam. As of 2016 census, the population of the province is 580,158 people and is the least populous province in Iran.

Tang Kafari

Tang Kafari is located near Badreh city in Ilam province. Vast oak forests and wildlife variety such as the Iranian Squirrel are among the attractions of this area. Zam Zam lake is located in 1 km distance of the entrance of this canyon. Moreover, the shrine of Jaber is one of the other touristic places of this district. The nearest tourist attractions to the canyon are Mountains of Kabir-Kouh, Manesht, Dinar-kouh and Ghelarang.

Valli Castle

The Vali Castle of Ilam is one of the important monuments of Qajar period in Ilam city, which was built by Qolamreza Khan Vali on a hill named “Chegha Mirg” in 1908 AD. This monument consists of several pans such as Haram, alcove, mirror hall, and prison in the basement. Vali Castle of Ilam which has been functioning as a museum of anthropology far years is a display of culture and civilization of the province, which attracts many visitors every year during the Nowrouz holidays.

Raziyaneh Valley

Here is a geomorphological site located in flourishing lands of Ilam province. There are several straits which mostly were formed during Oligo-Miocene biogeographic epoch due to active tectonic plates, and dissolving in water. The most popular strait is Razianeh formed from limestone and calcium carbonate compounds. It is a fantastic case to study not only for the lovers of geomorphology, but also for living nature lovers because of endemic and migrating birds and reptiles! The area has been recorded in national heritage since 2008.

Arqavan Canyon

Arqavan canyon is located in the 3 km distance of the north east of Ilam. Trees and purple flowers of the region catch the sight of any visitor by its colourful nature and green forests. This is why Arqavan canyon is one of the promenades of Ilam and the residents of Ilam spends most of their leisure time in this canyon. This is an enormously beautiful and dreamy canyon and is considered as one of the cold climate regions of the province and the birthplace of Cercis siliquastrum. The nearest touris attractions to the canyon are Vali castle of Ilam and Chogha-sabz forest park.

Darband Valley

Darband area with high mountains, oak trees, Kabir-Kouh water, waterfall and historical area is one of the attractive areas of Ilam province for tourists in the spring. Alongside these beautiful natural attractions and high cliffs, there is a set of Sassanid, Islamic, or possibly Achaemenid historical monuments that have brought a special beauty to the area. The length of this subway extends to 4 km. along with which water pipes are drawn from the treatment plant of Darband for drinking in the area, and on both sides of the strait and on the slopes of the mountain, the monuments and remains of a very old and large city are visible.