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Kohgiloyeh And Boyerahmad

KOHGILOUYEH & BOYER-AHMAD Tamoradi Canyon-Waterfall Cheshmeh Belqeis Garden


Kohgilouyeh and boyer-ahmad province is one of the thirty-one provinces of iran. It is in the south-west of iran, and its capital is yasouj. The province covers an area of 15,563 square km. the people mainly speak lurish language. Kohgilouyeh and Boyer-Ahamd is among the southern provinces of iran, which is adjacent to 5 provinces: From east with Isfahan an Fars, south with Bushehr, west with khouzestan an north with Chaharmahal an Bakhtiari.

Tamoradi Canyon-Waterfall

Tangeh Tamoradi is located in the 45 km distance of west of Yasouj, in the road of Sepidar path, and has several Beautiful Waterfall and ponds, Tangeh Tamoradi is an unforgettable happy memory for tourists with natural and beautiful view, High heights, green and fresh plant coverage and the heart soothing sound of waterfall. Every year, as the weather becomes warmer, many tourists visit this place from the whole country. The nearest tourist attractions to the waterfall are Beautiful Baba-meydan road, historical prim bridge. Do-Gour do-pa, and the road from Basht to Choram.

Cheshmeh Belqeis Garden

Cheshmeh Belqeis Garden in Choram is a vast area filled with trees located in the heart of short stone fences.It is a garden in an old valley with weeping willows inside and around it for years that astounds everyoneby its beauty and the smell of Choram rice seedlings have filled the garden and have created an extremely picturesque and spiteful environment. This garden is environed by Choram–Gach-Särän Road in the north, by agricultural fields in south, by Jihad Keshavarzi Garden (Emran Garden) in the west and agricultural fields and neighboring mountains in the east. Several seasonal and permanent rivers flow in this plain and crops like wheat, barley and rice are cultivated in this area. Cheshmeh belqeis Garden and the historical tower related to the period after Islam are located 9 km from Choram county and this monument was registered in the list of Iranian national monuments in 2002.