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Lorestän Falak al-Aflak Castle Shirez Canyon Oshtoran- Kouh Bisheh Waterfall


Lorestän Province is a province on the west of iran in the Zagros Mountains with area of 28.392 km2. The name Lorestän means “land of the Lors”. In the wider sense it consists of that part of western Iran coinciding with the province of Ilam and extending for about 650 km on a northwest to southeast axis from Kemänshäh to Fars with a breadth of 150-180 km.

Falak al-Aflak Castle

Falak al-Aflak Castle is a castle situated on the top of a large hill with the same name within the city of Khorram-Abad, the regional capital of Lorestän province, Iran. This gigantic structure was built during the Sassanid era. The Khorram-Abad River runs past the eastern and south-western side of the falak al-Aflak hill providing the fortress some natural protection on those sides. Today, the western and northern sides of the hill are bordered by the residential districts of Khorram-Abad.

Shirez Canyon

The ancient valley of Shirez is located in the 45 km distance to the north of kouh- Dasht and on the way of Simreh River. It has a beautiful nature and several springs running with plenty of water, sharp rocks and wild fruits. The area has high mountains and relatively deep valleys with a cold climate in fall and winter, and moderate in summer. There is a fine vegetation and forest in this district and naturally has an animal variety as well. In Surfology and morphology terms, Shirez canyon can be considered as one of Kouh- Dasht's district rarities. The nearest tourist attractions to the canyon are Homian petroglyph and Ancient temple of Sorkh Dom Laki.

Oshtoran- Kouh

Oshtoran- Kouh is a massive sub- range of the Zagros mountain chain. It is located in Lorestan province, about 500 km from Tehran. Oshtoran- Kouh is a massive sub- range of the Zagros mountain range, situated in the Lorestan geologic and structural zone of Iran. The Oshtoran- Kouh is mainly made of jurassic- Cretaceous dolomitic limestone. It’s a high mountain with snow- covered peaks and glacial valleys; the Oshtoran- Kouh has a cold mountain climate with cold winters and cool summers. Mountain pistachio, rhubarb, goat's thorn and wild plants are among the various forms of the mountain's vegetation. The famous Gahar Lake is within this protected region. The different tribes of Bakhtiari charlang branch live in the foothills of the Oshtoran- Kouh

Bisheh Waterfall

Bisheh waterfall is located in the heart of Zagros Mountains in the city of Khorram-Abad in Lorestān province. Bisheh waterfall is located in 65 Km to Khorram-Abad and close to Tehrān-south railway, Bisheh station. This waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Iran. Bisheh wterfall's height is about 48 meters with wideness of about 10 meters and it joins the Sezar River. At the top of the waterfall, across the railway station, there are several springs which join together and make the waterfall after crossing the station. Around the Bisheh waterfall there are several breathtaking locations such as Oak forest, Bisheh village, Bisheh train station, which makes this location as one of Lorestān main tourist attractions. The nearest tourist attraction to the waterfall is Grit Waterfall.