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MARKAZI Mahallat Flower Gardens Khurheh Temple Chal-Nakhjir Cave Mahallat Spas & Hot Springs


Markazi Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. The word Markazi means central in Persian. In 2014 it was placed in Region 4. Markazi lies in western Iran. Its capital is Arak. Markazi province is one of industrial regions of Iran. The economy is composed of service, industrial and agricultural sectors, respectively. Many mother industries such as petrol, petrochemicals, and metals are concentrated in the province. There are many potentialities in Markazi Province based on ecotourism, rural and nomadic tourism.

Mahallat Flower Gardens

Polychrome flower gardens, pleasant weather and memorable smells has made Mahallat in Markazi Province as “Holland of Iran”! Mahallat Flower Garden consists of 300 greenhouses. Mahallat Town is full of yellow carnations and wild red poppies. Mahallat is being famous for growing ornamental plants. It is also known as “The Legendary Paradise” to the tourists since it is located in the mountainside, contains many gardens and fields to cultivate ornamental plants, and lies far away from factories and centers polluting the air. Due to having pleasant climate and capability of growing flowers and plants, Mahallat has an ideal position for export and attracting global markets of flowers and plants.

Khurheh Temple

The ruins of Khurheh ancient place belong to Arsacid dynasty located in the Khurheh village. this monument is linked to Haftad- Qolleh mountains from the north and to Yakhchal mountains from the south. Ancient excavations of this place were carried out in the summer 1995 by the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research. As a result, some potteries and some pieces of silver belonging to Arsacid period were discovered that khurheh building consisted of three interconnected buildings. It was previously supposed that Khuheh had been the remains of a temple or fire temple. According to the recent resarch, however, it has been a manor house built in the first century BC which was used until the end of Arsacid period. khurheh temple dates back to more than 2000 BCE. when Arsacide dynasty ruled the city. Khurheh means “Location of Sunrise’ in Avesta. The name of khurheh Temple has been mentioned in the book of Vanden Berghe, an emeritus professor of sociology and anthropology at the University of Washington. The nearest tourist attraction to the temple is Do-Dehak caravanserai.

Chal-Nakhjir Cave

Chal-Nakhjir Cave discovery in 1989 was a result of an accidental explosion by the local water company. The height of this cave in some places exceeds 20 meters and has deep valleys in its divergent paths. The reflection of light through the prism of crystals and calcite stones, besides those hanging from ceiling and spongy crystal covering of the walls and flooring creates an exotic sight. The nearest tourist attraction to the cave is Jasb Wildlife Shelter.

Mahallat Spas & Hot Springs

Among the Attractions of Markazi province, Mahallat Hot spring is of considerable popularity. This spring is very old and its medical features have been mentioned in historical books. yearly, especially during New year and summer holidays, many visitors head to this area to take advantage of its medical features.