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North Khorasan

North Khorasan Moffakham Mansion Baba-Aman National Park Besh-Qardash Resort

North Khorasan

North khorasan province is a province located in northeastern Iran. Bojnourd is the capital of the province. Greater khorasan has witnessed the rise and fall of many dynasties and governments in its territory throughout history. Various tribes of Persian, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Turkmens, and Afghans have brought change to the region time and time again. Ancient geographers of Iran divided Iran into eight segment of which the most flourishing largest was the territory of Greater khorasan, Esfarayen among other cities of the province, was one of the focal points for settlement by Aryan tribes entering Iran. In the year 651, the army of Islamic Arabs invaded khorasan.

Moffakham Mansion

Moffakham Mansion is the largest and most Significant architectural monument of Qajar period in North Khorasan, which is located in the northeast of Bojnourd city. Along with other monuments including Mirror House, Pavilion, Springhouse, and portal, Moflakham Mansion lied in a big garden all of which constituted Moffakham Government House. The mansion was built at the instigation of Yar Mohammad Khan Shadlu, known as Sardar Moffakham, in 1920 during Nasser al- Din Shah's reign. It was where Sardar Moffakham and his family lived and hosted state guests and politics. The building was given to Public Health Administration by Sardar Moffakham's heirs to be used as a hospital. In August September of 1991 the mansion was given to the Cultural Heritage Organization of Bojnourd. It became the Museum of Anthropology and Archeology of Bojnourd County after some slight repairs and modifications, The Mansion's spectacular architecture with its colorful tilework can absorb you in the world of history. The nearest tourist attraction to the museum is Mansion of mirrors (Museum of documents and manuscripts).

Baba-Aman National Park

Baba Aman national park of Bojnourd is one of the most beautiful and eldest touristic parks of Iran that every year hosts millions of travelers and the pilgrims of Razavi holy shrine with its beautiful nature. This promenade has always attracted many travelers to its forest park and scenic pools for resting. In Baba Aman, there is a spring coming out of the heart of a mountain and its water falls into pools made in different levels so that an artificial waterfall is made. Delicate weather and pleasurable and beautiful nights of Baba Aman attracts any tourist to itself.

Besh-Qardash Resort

Besh-Qārdāsh is located along the place which is close to the well-known villages of Qeri Janlu, Mehnan, and Asadli. The term "Besh-Qardash" means "Five Brothers" in the Khorāsāni Turkish language which is a local language in the region. It refers to the mythic history of the place. According to the myth, there had been five brothers fighting against the then-brutal government and when they harbored to a hillside, they disappeared and five water springs trilled. In the Qajar era, Naser al-Din Shah passed the place in his state visit and ordered Yar Mohammad Khan Shadlou (also known as Sardar Mufakham or Siham al-Dowleh Bojnourdi) to construct a monument right next to the springs. Also a crown shaped swimming pool was built after some time.