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Qom Holy shrine of Fatemeh Masoumeh Howz-e Soltan Lake Timcheh of the Carpet Bazar Holy Jamkaran Mosque
Qom Province (Ostan-e Qom) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran with 11,237 km2, covering 0.89% of the total area in Iran. It is in the north of Iran, and its provincial capital is the city of Qom. It was formed from part of Tehran Province in 1995. Qom is one of the holiest cities in Iran and the Middle East and is entrenched in centuries of history. Qom is the main city for religious studies in Iran for long. Right now many senior ranking clerics of Shia Islam live in Qom.

Holy shrine of Fatemeh Masoumeh

The holy shrine of Fatemeh Masoumeh is located in Qom which is considered by Shia Muslims to be the second most sacred city in Iran after Mashhad. Fatemeh Masoumeh was the sister of the Imam Reza and the daughter of the Imam Mousa al-Kazem. In Shia Islam, women are often revered as saints if they are close relatives to one of the Twelve Imams. Fatemeh Masoumeh is therefore honored as a saint and her shrine in Qom is considered one of the most significant Shi'i shrines in Iran. Every year, thousands of Shi'i Muslims travel to Qom to honor Fatemeh Masoumeh and ask her for blessings. Also buried within the shrine are three daughters of the ninth Twelver Shi'a Imam, Mohammad at-Taqi.

Howz-e Soltan Lake

Have you ever heard of a natural mirror? Howz-e (pond) Sultan salty lake which is also known by the name of Saveh Qom Lake and Shahi Lake is located in Qom province. This lake is the largest salty lake of Iran which when rain falls, because of its polished surface a mirror is created as large as the lake itself and spectacular images are formed. It is worth mentioning that Howz-e Sultan was formed in 1883 as a result of building the gravel road of Tehran-Qom. Animal Features: Migratory birds such as greylag goose, ruddy shelduck, stork, variety of eagle, also rabbits, foxes and rare ants etc.

Timcheh of the Carpet Bazar

Qom old Bazar is located in the old texture of Qom city. The large arcade of Qom belongs to Qajar period located in the Bazar row (Rasteh). It was registered in the list of Iran’s National Heritage August 2. 1997. This arcade is considered as largest Zarbi Arch in Iran. This monument was designed and built by Master Hasan Qomi, also known as Me’mar-Bashi, in 1882. The monument’s trustee is Seyyed Mahmoud Tabatabaei, one of the merchants of Qom and the father of Seyyed Hasan Tabatabaei Qomi. The nearest tourist attraction to the Bazar is Yazdan-Panah Historical House.

Holy Jamkaran Mosque

Masjid-e-Jamkaran is an important pilgrim center for Shia Muslims who are followers of the Twelve Imams. Located near Qom, the Masjid draws pilgrims from all parts of Iran as well as other countries, who stream in to Qom where all roads head to the mosque on Tuesday evenings.