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Around Persia in one month

Tourist Attractions :

Tehran: Sa ad Abad Palace- Golestan Palace - National Museum of Iran-Tehran Grand Bazaar- Azadi Tower-Darband- National Jewelry Museum-Nature Bridge - Carpet Museum

Sari: Chalos Road - Badab-e-Sourt

Ramsar: Namak Abrod complex- Caspian Sea- Motel Que - Noshahr – Tonkabon

Lahijan: Lonak Jungle- Lahijan Pool-Sheytan Mountain

Zanjan: Takhte soleyman complex - Anahita Temple

Hamedan: Alisadr Cave - Tomb Of Esteroo Mord Khay- Ganj Nameh Avicenna Mausoleum - Hegmatane Archeological Palace

Khoram abad: Falak O Laflac Castle - Keeyow Lake

Shoush:Tomb of Danial-Apadana Palace -Haft tepee Archaeological Site Museum- Ancient City Zigurat Tchoqa Zanbil

Dezful: Sasan Bridge-Tiznoo House-Qamish Mozun Archaeological site Museum

Shushtar: Shushtar Historical Hydraulic system -Salasl Castle-Lashkary bridge- Roof of Shushtar- Mizan Dam- Saray Afzal

Qeshm: Portugese Castle-Vally Of Star-Chahkook Canyon-Naz Island- Hormoz Island

Shiraz: Perspolis - Naqshe Rostam Historical Monouments - Posargad-  Vakil Traditional Bazaar - Vakil MQ- Vakil Bath- Narenjestan Garden-Tomb of Sadi- Tomb of Hafez - Nasirolmolk MQ

Kerman: The Tomb of Shah ne'mat Ollah-e Vali- Shazdeh Garden – Rayen Castle

Yazd:Jame MQ- Yazd Bezaar - Dolat Abad Garden-  -Atashkade- old city- Amir Chakhmaq Comlex

Isfahan: Naghshe Jahan SQ-  Alighapu Palace-  Imam MQ-  Lotfallah MQ- Isfahan Traditional Bazaar – Chehelsoton – Sio Sepol Bridge- Khaju Bridge- Monarjonban- Atashgah mountain- Vank Cathedral

Abiyaneh: a village full of ancient attraction

Kashan: Fine Garden- Tabatabaei Historical House- Boroujerdi House – Aqa Bozorg Mosque – Traditional Bazaar – Khan Bath House


Day 1 : Tehran

After arriving at Immam Khomayni International Airport (IKA) in Tehran, our representative will meet and greet you; then you will be transfer to the hotel to take a rest before our tour of Tehran begins.

Day 2 : Tehran

In the morning we will take you to a lovely park like sitting to visit the Sa'ad Abad Palace Complex this was the coronation and marriage palace of the Pahlavy Dynasy. Then we are going to Tehran's North mountainous area Darband for some light trekking, enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and breathing in some fresh air. Afterward, we will visit nature bridge, it is largest pedestrian overpass built in Iran also connects two public parks overnight.

Day 3 : Tehran

This morning to learn about the history and heritage of Iran's capital, we will take you to the lavish Golestan Palace (A UNESCO World Heritage).it is a masterpiece of the Qajar era, one of the oldest groups of building in Tehran. Many of elements you'll admire today date to the 19th century. Then you will walk around Tehran Bazaar, a few steps far from Golestan Palace.In the afternoon you will visit the Notational Museum of Iran and to learn about historical Iran's capital. Then you can visit National Jewelry Museum. Then go to Qasr Museum which is one of Iran's oldest jails for political prisoners.

Day 4 : Mazandaran

Early in the morning we drive to Sari from Chalos Road. This road passes through many canyon sides and it is one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Iran. Then in afternoon you can visit Badab e Sourt. It is a natural site in Mazandaran province in North Iran.

Day 5 : Mazandaran

Today you visit Namak Abrud complex and also you can use the cable car and have a nice view of Caspian Sea. You will stop at Motel Que and have your lunch nearby Akbar Joujeh (Traditional food) then you visit Nowshahr and Tonekabon.

Day 6 : Gilan

Today You can visit Lonak jungle at the top of the mountain and enjoy the beauty of nature. In the afternoon we drive to Lahijan and visit Lahijan pool and Sheytan mountain with a nice view of the city.

Day 7 : Zanjan

Today we drive to Zanjan.It is known for its beautiful handicrafts such as knives, traditional sandals, called charoogh, and malileh, a handcraft made with silver wires. We will visit Takab on our way to Zanjan. It is an ancient city. The complex includes a natural lake, the remains of a Zoroastrian fire temple eulogizing water and fire built during the Sassanid period and partially rebuilt during the Ilkhanid period, Anahita Temple, chartaqi. We stay overnight in Zanjan.

Day 8 : Hamadan

Today we leave Zanjan for Hamadan in the morning. Upon our arrival in Hamadan around noon, we have lunch and soon after hit the road (about 100 kilometers north of Hamadan) to stop by the amazing Ali-Sadr Cave, the world's largest water cave which attracts thousands of visitors every year. You can have a tour of the cave by sitting in a boat and watching the view. At the end of the day, we drive back to Hamadan and stay overnight in Hamadan.

Day 9 : Hamadan

Today we begin with a visit to Esteroo Mord Khay Tomb. This is the tomb of Ester the Queen of Shoosh (the wife of Khashayar Shah of Iran).The second place we stop by is Ganj Nameh an ancient inscription. The inscriptions were carved in granite in two sections.Then we pay a visit to the Avicenna Mausoleum. The complex includes a library, a small museum, and a spindle-shaped tower inspired by the Ziyarid-era Kavus Tower.

Day 10 : Hamadan

After breakfast we go on to visit Hegmatane Archeological Palace dating back to the 6th century BC. The next fascinating site will be Gonbad-e Alavian, one of the best masterpieces in architecture and stucco work after Islam in Hamadan. Our final site to visit in Hamadan is the tomb of Baba Taher. It is known as one of the most revered and respectable early poets in Iranian literature. Stay overnight Hamadan.

Day 11 : Lorestan

We leave hamedan eading to khoram abad. After arrival in Khoramabad, we visit Falak-ol-Aflak Castle which is a significant Sassanian monument and Keeyow Lake. Stay overnight khoram abad.

Day 12 : Shush

When you arrive in Shush. Depending on your arrival time in shush, daily tour will be done. We visit Haft tepee Archaeological Site Museum, which are considered outstanding mementos from Elamites in Iran. Then we visit Tomb of Danial & Apadan Castle and Zigurat Tchoqa Zanbil world heritage Ancient City of Shush. After enjoying our lunch time. We leave shush, on the way we visit Sasn Bridge, Tiznoo House and Qamish Mozun Archaeological site.Then drive to shushtar and take a rest in Tabib hotel.

Day 13 : Shushtar

On our second day in shushtar. We will have city day tour to visit some highlights of Shushtar such as the amazing Historical Hydrollic System, Salasl Castle, Lashkary bridge, Roof of Shushtar, Mizan Dam and Saray Afzal and take a rest in Tabib hotel.

Day 14 : Dezful

We move to Dezful and visit this historical city.

Day 15 : Hormoz Island

It is time to visit the first Iranian Island on our list which is Hormuz Island. We travel to the island by a ferry and explore the island for the better part of the day. Then we move to the Qeshm Island by a ferry and stay there overnight.

Day 16 : Qeshm Island

We visit the famous and beautiful Valley of star on the last day of the tour. The Portuguese Built Naderi fort and the great land scape of Qeshm Island.

Day 17 : Shiraz

Early in the morning we will go towards shiraz. It is most beautiful tourist city of Iran. Drive to shiraz on the way you can visit Persepolis is one of the historical and ancient cities in iran and Pasargad the tomb of Cyrus the great.

Day 18 : Shiraz

Second day in shiraz you can start by visiting Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Traditional Bazaar, after lunch you can go to Narenjestane Ghavam garden and Nasir Olmolk Mosque and Hafez and Sadie Tomb.

Day 19 : Shiraz

We visit the best shirsz tourist attractions.

Day 19 : Kerman

In Kerman you can visit Ganjali Khan Bath; it includes a caravansary, a bath house, a water reservoir, a minting house, a mosque and a part of present- day bazaar. Then we will visit Jame Mosque and also Kerman Bazaar. Then move towards Mahan, overnight stay in traditional hotel.

Day 20 : Kerman

Start your city day tour in the early in the morning to visit Shahzad Mahan Garden,it is one of the inscribed monument of the UNESCO world heritage list. Then drive to Shahdad Desert to visit the amazing palace, after short stop then drive to yazd.

Day 21 : Yazd

You continue your tour of Iran by traveling to Yazd, the center of the Zoroastrian culture in Iran. Today's tour includes visiting the Jome Mosque, the old city of Yazd. Then walking in the old town. After lunch time they can go to Dolat Abad Garden and finish the day by going to Amir Chakhmaq Complex. We leave Yazd heading to Isfahan.

Day 22 : Isfahan

You are going to spend unforgettable days in Isfahan. First we recommend you go to the world famous Naqsh-e Jahan Square with four highlighted sites located around it: Immam Mosque,Shikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu and the Traditional Bazaar. After the world largest square, you can go to Hasht Behesht and Chehel Soton palace Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 23 : Isfahan

On your second day in Isfahan or half of the world. The city is home to many historical bridges on the Zayanderud River. You can visit two of picturesque bridges, namely Si-o-se-pol and Khaju bridge. Other famous bridges on Zayandeh River are Shahrestan Bridge and Marnan Bridge. In the evening you can walk on the Chahar Bagh street and enjoying fresh air.

Day 24 : Isfahan

This morning we will take you to Vank Cathedral which is one of the most beautiful Armenian Church in the world. Then we will visit the Menar Jonban, the tomb of the sufi with its shaking minarets and Atashgah mountain.

Day 25 : Abyaneh

You leave Isfahan; on the way to Kashan we will visit Abyaneh, also known as red village. In the end, we will arrive in Kashan and check in to the hotel.

Day 26 : Kashan

Kashan is a town originally famous for its textile and ceramic production, but better known for Fine Garden and Tabatabaeiha House. We begin our tour with a visit to the historic houses of Tabatabaeiha and Borojerdi in Kashan and get acquainted with the previous century's architecture, the Qajar era. Then we will stop by the Fin Garden, a historical Persian garden containing Kashan Fin Bath, where Amir Kabir a Qajar chancellor was murdered. Fin Garden is the oldest garden in Iran.then you will visit Aqa bozorg mosque.

Day 27 : Kashan to Tehran

Finally you will be transfer to the airport early in the morning for the return flight home.
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