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Christmas Holidays Tour

Tourist Attractions :

Shiraz : Persepolis, Pasargad, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Traditional Bazzar, Nasirolmolk Mosque, Tomb of Hafez

Kish Island : Undergound old city, Hot beaches, Dolphin park, Water sport

Qeshm Island : Stars valley, Chahkooh canton, Portugese Castle, Khuorbas Caves

Hormoz Island : Colorful beach, Traditional bazaar

Chabahar : Tis port village, Portages Fort, Martin Mountains, Rocky beach, Tropical fruit garden

This price is for English tour guide, If you need an another language tour guide please send us a massage.

Day 1 : Tehran

When you arrive in Tehran, we will go to the hotel and you will spend the night in Tehran

Day 2 : Shiraz

On the morning of the second day, we will fly to Shiraz from Tehran. In Shiraz, we will visit Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque and Karimkhan Citadel.

Day 3 : Shiraz

On the third day, after having breakfast, we will go to Persepolis, Naghse Rostam and Pasargad around Shiraz, and at sunset we will move from Shiraz to Bandar Abbas.

Day 4 : Kish Island

After one night stay in Bandar Abbas, in the morning we will go to Kish Island. In the beautiful island of Kish, we will enjoy the warm beaches, dolphin park and water activities.

Day 5 : Kish Island

After a pleasant night's rest, we will visit the underground city of Kish and after having a delicious lunch, we will depart by boat to Qeshm Island.

Day 6 : Qeshm Island

After arriving in Qeshm, we will spend the night in a traditional and charming residence. After breakfast, we will go to Star Valley and then Chah Kooh Canyon. Then we will leave Qeshm towards Hormuz Island.

Day 7 : Hormoz Island

We will spend the night in Hormuz Island and in the morning we will explore the island, visit the colorful beach and the traditional market.

Day 8 : Chabahar

After Hormuz Island, we will return to Qeshm and spend the night in a beautiful residence. The next morning, we will move towards Chabahar, we visit the Martian mountains and fountain mud and after that go to the hotel.

Day 9 : Chabahar

We will visit the rocky beach of Chabahar, camel riding, portuguese port, then we will go to the tropical fruit garden and enjoy the sweet taste of those fruits.

Day 10 : Chabahar

From Chabahar port, we will go to Brace Wharf, an amazing place and the best location for professional photography.
Then we will return to Chabahar and go to Tehran through the airport

Day 11 : Tehran

We will spend the last night in a good hotel in Tehran and the next day you will go to the airport to return to your country.

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