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Golden Triangle + South of Iran

Tourist Attractions :

Tehran : Golestan Palace, Azadi Tower

Kashan : Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath, Tabatabaii Historical House, Broujerdi Historical House, Fin Garden

Abyaneh : Visit the historical Village

Isfahan : Naqshe jahan SQ, Chehelsotun Palace, Shah MQ, Ali-qapu palace, Isfahan traditional bazaar, Vank Cathedral, Sio-se-pol bridge

Shiraz : Persepolic palace, Naqshe-rostam simbol, Pink MQ, Vakil MQ, Shiraz traditional bazaar, Pink lake

Qeshm Island : Portuguese castle, Stars Valley, Chah kooh canyon

Hormoz Island : Rainbow beaches, Salt Mountain, Stone beach


Day 1 : Tehran

 After arriving at Tehran airport, the tour guide will welcome you and then we will visit Golestan Palace and Azadi Tower.
After that we will go to Kashan and visit the historical houses of this city and stay the night in this city.

Day 2 : Kashan

After breakfast, we will visit Fin Garden and Sultan Amir Ahmed Bath, Tabatabaeiha Historical house, Borojerdy Historical house and then spend the afternoon in the wonderful Abyane village.
We will stay the night in Isfahan.

Day 5 : Shiraz

We will visit the Pink Mosque, Vakil Mosque, Pink lake and Shiraz traditional bazaar.

Day 6 : Qeshm Island

After arriving in Qeshm, we will spend the night in a traditional and charming residence. After breakfast, we will go to Star Valley and then Chah Kooh Canyon, Portuguese Castle, Then we stay in Qeshm Island at night.

Day 7 : Hormoz Island

We will spend the night in Hormuz Island and in the morning we will explore the island, visit the colorful beach, Stone beach and the traditional market.

Day 8 : Tehran

We will spend the last night in a good hotel in Tehran and the next day you will go to the airport to return to your country.

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