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West of Iran

Tourist Attractions :

Shoush:Tomb of Danial-Apadana Castle Shush-Haft tapeh Archaeological Site Museum- King city- Zigurat Tchoqa Zanbil

Dezful: Sasn Bridge-Tiznoo House-Qamish MOzun Archaeological site Museum

Shushtar: Shushtar Historical Hydraulic system - Salasl Castle - Lashkary bridge- Roof of Shushtar- Mizan Dam- Saray Afzal

Brujerd: Jumeh MQ-Mesry house Archaeological site Museum-Imom MQ-Falakolaflac Castle- Keeyow Lake

Kermanshah: Taq-e Bostan-  Tekye Moaven Almolk- Tekiye Biglar Baigi-Emad o Dolah MQ- Sarab SAhneh Village- Gur Dakhmey Sahneh-Behistun Inscription- Jameh Mosque of Shafei-Traditional Bezzar- Quri Qaleh Cave-Pave village

Sanandaj: Khsro Abad Mansion-Khan Bath-Vakil Mansion - Archaeological Site Museum- emaratkade

Day 1 : Shush

The tour begins in Shush. Depending on your arrival time in shush, daily tour will be done. We visit Haft tepee Archaeological Site Museum, which are considered outstanding mementos from Elamites in Iran. Then we visit Tomb of Danial & Apadan Castle and Zigurat Tchoqa Zanbil world heritage Ancient City of Shush. After enjoying our lunch time. We leave shush, on the way we visit Sasn Bridge, Tiznoo House and Qamish Mozun Archaeological site.Then drive to shushtar and take a rest in Tabib hotel.

Day 2 : Shushtar

On our second day in shushtar. We will have city day tour to visit some highlights of Shushtar such as the amazing Historical Hydrollic System, Salasl Castle, Lashkary bridge, Roof of Shushtar, Mizan Dam and Saray Afzal (Shushtsr has thirteen historical monument it depends on time we can visit all of them)you will stay in Tayeb hotel(we recommend you try shutter's food like qelye fish and kebab fish) we leave shushtar heading to khoramabad.

Day 3 : Khoramabad

After arrival in Khoramabad, we visit Falak-ol-Aflak Castle which is a significant Sassanian monument and Keeyow Lake. We drive to Borojerd we visit Choqa tape and you will stay in Zagros hotel.

Day 4 : Brujerd

In the morning you will have city day tour to visit some highlights of Borojerd such as Jumeh MQ, Mesry house Archaeological site Museum, Imom MQ. After injoing your lunch time (I recommend you try local kebab) Then we drive to the Sahne you can visit Gurdakhme sahneh. we leave khoramabad heading to Kermanshah .we stop by on the way is Bisoton which cultures around a source near buy a vertical rock well (stay in Lale hotel) .

Day 5 : Kermanshah

After arrival Kermanshah we go to Toq Bostan area and relief as well as Tekye Moaven Almolk and Tekiye Biglar Baigi. In the evening, we have some time to visit the local shop &Jameh Mosque of Safei and EmadoDole masque. We leave Kermanshah heading to paveh.

Day 6 : Paveh

After arrival to Paveh, We will have city day tour to visit some highlights of Paveh such as Quri Qaleh Cave and Pave village.( I recommend you try khalal khoresht). You will stay in Eram hotel in stairs village.

Day 7 : Sanandaj

We drive to Sanandaj ,We visit Khsro Abad Mansion& Khan Bath-Vakil Mansion & Archaeological Site Museum and Emaratkade.
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